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Getting Started

  1. The Conceptual Estimate
    Our first step begins with a “snapshot” estimate of your budget and project requirements that is derived from a conceptual set of plans.
  2. The Preliminary Estimate
    Working from your preliminary plans, each aspect of the job is categorized into line items and quantities of necessary labor and materials. Using unit costs, a detailed estimate is created that outlines the likely cost of your project.
  3. The Scope of Work
    To develop the Scope of Work and to help us understand your goals, you will attend planning meetings where your choice of materials and certain design elements are determined. You will be offered many suggestions concerning the cost of completing your project based on the choices you make. This process is called value engineering and is crucial for your project’s successful completion.

    2Q== copy 2Straightline’s approved trade contractors are contacted and they will submit bids for their portion of the work. The goal of this stage is to identify any gray areas, and create a Scope of Work that details every material and cost used in the building or remodel of your home.

    To complete your home in a timely manner, we will work to clarify and define the scope of work, identify and manage problems early on so we minimize the number of change orders which could impact your project’s completion. You, your design team, Derek, Straightline sub-contractor, and possibly a project manager selected for your project will attend meetings as needed.[/bscolumns]

  4. Reaching an Agreement and the Start of Construction
    The Scope of Work is now completed, all materials and prices are determined, and the agreement is signed. Construction starts, and you begin to see your dream house or remodel develop. You will have a detailed
    Scope of Work and Schedule ( which gives a projected timing for each phase of your project).

    As you enter this stage of work, you will continue to develop your relationship with your professional and client focused Straightline representative whose responsibility is to meet the building schedule, ensure quality and cost control, coordinate all work done, answer your questions, and address any new ideas you may have.

    As the project develops, we will accommodate your new ideas, and will calculate the impact of the changes to your budget. A change order is written, signed, and your new requests will be incorporated into the work on your home. Some requests create new time frames, which are reflected in a revised completion date.

  5. Project Completion
    At last, your new home or remodel is complete! Prior to your occupancy, our quality assurance team will walk
    through your home, noting any questions or concerns you may have. Extended warranties and maintenance care are addressed, and you will receive a manual that is specific to your home’s warranties and maintenance needs.


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