Our Process

Building to higher standards.

The success of each project is measured by the complete satisfaction of our clients. We enjoy working with people who have high standard for quality and appreciate attention to detail. In our experience, collaboration is key to achieving a successful final product. At the start of the project, we will hold planning meetings to go through a value engineering process. We will show you multiple design and material options, and explain the costs and timing implications associated with each one. That way, you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you and your needs.

Our own standards.

As craftsmen, we also have high expectations for the work we do. From accurate estimating all the way to the final touches, we strive to deliver a professional experience. We’re proud of our extensive and diverse portfolio. But even more so, we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built and the recommendations that our clients provide to their family and friends.

Industry standards.

The world of construction is constantly changing. We stay on top of industry standards and recommendations so we can provide the safest, most efficient service possible. We’re also diligent about following manufacturer warranties and specifications. At the completion of your project, you will receive a manual that includes information on all your product warranties and maintenance needs.

What to expect.

  1. The conceptual estimate – We create a “snapshot” estimate of your budget and project requirements based on a conceptual set of plans.


  1. The preliminary estimate – Each aspect of the job is categorized into line items and quantities to create a detailed estimate that outlines the likely cost of your project.
  1. The scope of work – Once you help select the design elements and materials, we will work with our approved sub-contractors to clarify and define the scope of work. We identify and manage problems early on so we minimize the number of change orders that could impact your project’s timeline.
  1. Reaching an agreement and the start of construction – Once the scope of work is completed and agreed upon, construction will begin. As the project develops, we will accommodate your new ideas and will calculate the impact of the changes to your budget.
  1. Project completion – Once your project is complete, our quality assurance team will walk you through to site to note any questions or concerns you may have.